Notice 2021-20 - Section III - Guidance for the Notice

Section III - Guidance (pp. 16-17)

Section III provides guidance in Q/A format (71 questions in all) on the following topics: 

A. Eligible Employers 

  • Questions 1-6

B. Aggregation Rules 

  • Questions 7-9

C. Governmental Orders 

  • Question 10

D. Full or Partial Suspension of Trade or Business Operations 

  • Questions 11-22

E. Significant Decline in Gross Receipts 

  • Questions 23-28

F. Maximum Amount of Employer’s Employee Retention Credit 

  • Question 29

G. Qualified Wages 

  • Questions 30-39

H. Allocable Qualified Health Plan Expenses 

  • Questions 40-48

I. Interaction with Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loans 

  • Question 49

J. Claiming the Employee Retention Credit 

  • Questions 50-58

K. Special Issues for Employees: Income and Deduction

  • Question 59

L. Special Issues for Employers: Income and Deduction 

  • Questions 60-61

M. Special Issues for Employers: Use of Third-Party Payers

  • Questions 62-69

N. Substantiation Requirements

  • Questions 70-71

Notice 2021-20

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